Why “153”?

The unusual name of our church comes from John 21:11 where Peter counts the fish in his net and finds there are 153 of them.  The Bible says they were large fish.  That great harvest of fish came after a night of catching nothing as Peter tried to go back to his old life of being a fisherman. Remember that Jesus had commissioned Peter three years earlier to be a “fisher of men”, but he had decided to return to fishing on the Sea of Galilee with some of his friends after Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.  In the morning while on his boat with six friends, and 300 feet from shore, Peter was asked by a man standing on the beach (they didn’t know yet that it was Jesus) if he had any fish.  After hearing that they had caught nothing, Jesus told them to throw their net on the right side of the boat. When they did things GOD’S WAY, they drew in a great harvest of fish.

Peter and his friends caught so many large fish (after they obeyed Jesus instructions) that they could not lift the net into the boat.  It was then that Peter realized the man who helped them was Jesus and he rushed ashore to him.  When the net reached the shore, Peter counted the fish.   Total– 153.  Interestingly, in Hebrew all numbers also have meanings in words.  Some are particularly significant.  This number, 153, means “I am God” in Hebrew!  Can you imagine what Peter was thinking when the count of the fish reached the total of 153? Previously, Peter had been the one to declare that Jesus was “the Christ, the Son of the Living God”.  Yet, after Jesus rose from the dead, instead of preaching the gospel, Peter went back fishing!  That final tally of 153 was not just a number to Peter, but a statement from Jesus– “I am God.”  Wow!  Just as Peter and his friends had great results after fishing in God’s way, our heart at Church 153 is to help everyone come to know God in a personal way, through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ!  We hope our unique church name & our fish logo makes you think of our amazing God, who filled Peter’s net with fish, because of His great love for him.  He loves you, too.  Very much!

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